The Story – In Dad’s Voice

As I ventured to places in my efforts to retrace my father’s path during WWII, I would return home and try to describe the incredible feeling in walking where my father walked to others. Most people would say “you should write a book”. That had been my intention but hearing from others it was reinforcement that I would and could do it. The thing that changed from beginning to end in this endeavor was that I was first going to write the facts that I had collected from the ex-POWs I’d become acquainted with throughout my travels. However, from the first moments in 2005 that I stepped into an area where I knew that my father had been held in Barth, Germany, as a POW, I felt his overwhelming presence. As time went on, those feelings increased throughout every area and in each episode of my endeavor. It became more evident to me in each phase of the journey that my father’s story should be written by him. It could not be any more accurate if it was documented in his own hand!