Two Ex-POW Friends

(Posted: January 26, 2012)

Lester Bishop and Leland Story are two former prisoners of war who I contacted when I was writing my book.  I had obtained a list of Stalag Luft IV POWs and  I went through the entire list contacting those men who lived within a 60 mile radius of me.  I found that Lester and Leland were well within the 60 miles and I was anxious to talk to them.  They graciously accommodated me and I visited both of them, being very interested to learn of their experiences.  I’m pleased to say that today I met both of them for lunch along with Lester’s wife Laura and Leland’s son and daughter.  I was so honored to have them attend the first book presentation that I gave at the Little Valley Library.  It was very significant to me that two former POWs were there as it is their story that I’ve written and their positive reaction and approval of the book is the greatest compliment that I could be given.   It was great to see them again as well as to listen to them reminisce about their POW days.  I only wished that I had recorded them.  We plan to meet again and next time I hope to do just that.  

Leland Story and Lester Bishop, September 2010-Little Valley Library

I had my camera with me and was so caught up in listening that I totally forgot that I had taken it with me so instead of a photo taken of my friends yesterday, I’m including the picture taken at my first book presentation.

I have to mention that in the drive home with the Bishops, I was delighted with an added side trip.  Lester took a drive up Kyler Hill Road.  If you read my book you would know that this is the road where my Father’s Grandmother and Grandfather lived and my Father for a brief period of time lived there with his Father and Grandparents.  Laura Bishop was born the year that my Father lived there.  What a coincidence!  She had told me this after she read the book.  The Kyler home is gone but I saw the house that was Laura’s family home.  We then took a drive across the way to Dutch Hill Road to the schoolhouse that my Father attended.  The house has been transformed into a residence and only someone who grew up there and knew the area would recognize that this was indeed where my Father attended school when he lived on the farm.  This side trip was a welcome addition to an already enjoyable outing.

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