The End/The Beginning

(Posted: May 7, 2011)

I have always been one to write myself through things.  I’m not sure if it’s because I want to remember stuff or it’s therapeutic to write my feelings as a sort of release. I think in this case it may be the latter because some things that I have written about might be better forgotten; for example, the day that my father passed away. Shortly after his death, I wrote memories of my last visit with him on the Sunday, less than 2 days, before his death as well as the memories of his dying and death. I read them now and those sad feelings come flooding back yet there is something that brings me back to that composition periodically. It seems crazy to want to remember things that hurt you but you begin reading it and you can’t stop and then maybe you read it another time. I just read “The End/The Beginning” document for the umpteenth time and it’s pretty personal but it’s also pretty connected to the story and it didn’t really belong in the book. Maybe it doesn’t belong on this web site either but it really is where this story, my mission, began. So it can be considered a chapter before the book and for now I’m including it on the web site.

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