Remembering Dad

(Posted: May 4, 2013)
My Dad passed away suddenly nine years ago today, May 4, 2004.  Every year I mentally replay the events of that fateful day.  I have written every detail of what transpired but I don’t have to read it because it is burned forever in my mind.  It was my …Father’s death that started me on this journey to keep his memory alive, as well as  that of the thousands of Airmen and POWs that he symbolizes.  Leafing through the pages of Dad’s POW notebooks inspired my mission to follow the path of a man I admired for the role he played as “Dad,” to find the story of a lifetime that he never spoke of.  How I wish I could hear Dad talk about all of the things I’ve learned and know about the B-17 Ball Turret Gunner and Prisoner of War.  I know he would talk for hours if I got him started, once he saw how dedicated I was to carrying on the legacy of him and his friends.  I can just imagine his excitement in learning about his crew members and bunk mates that he never saw or talked to again after the War.  It would amaze him to know that I met and formed a treasured relationship with his Pilot.  He would be surprised to know how many of my very best friends are former airmen and POWs who are the age he would be (90) if he was still here; PLEASANTLY surprised!

Me and Dad

The excerpt from my journal describing that last day can be read at:


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