Remembering Dad & Crew on Veteran’s Day 2013

(Posted: November 11, 2012)

I could not let the day pass without remembering my Father’s crew – The Cook Crew who I affectionately refer to as MY crew. . . . .

I have studied this photo and the names so many times that they are like family; they are a very special crew to me!

In the back row is:         Thomas Mikulka, Tailgunner

                                      John J. Alexander, Jr., Right Waist Gunner

                                      Milo Blakely, Left Waist Gunner

                                     Jay Joyce, Radio Operator

                                     John Kyler (Dad) Ball Turret Gunner

                                     John Booth, Top Turret Gunner/Flight Engineer

In the Front Row:          Emmett Bell, Bombardier

                                     Donald Caylor, Navigator

                                      Robert Bangs, Co-Pilot

                                      Lawrence Cook, Pilot

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