Honor Flight Buffalo – June 9, 2012

(Posted: June 15, 2012)

My role as Guardian on Honor Flight Buffalo  (http://honorflightbuffalo.org/inkinddonations.html) was without a doubt one of the most rewarding days of my life. It had been a dream for me to be a Guardian to one of our heroes and the dream became reality on Saturday, June 9th. I arrived at the airport about 4:40 AM anxious to meet “my” Veteran, Donald Beebe. From the moment I met him I would not want to leave his side. I think that by the time the day was over with that he understood what an honor that it was for me to be with him and the 25 other WWII Veterans that I was traveling with. I loved watching all of them; the looks in their eyes. There were times when they smiled and times when they were somber.  There were occasions when they laughed and times when I saw them wipe tears from their eyes.  I couldn’t help but think of what their eyes had witnessed over 67 years ago.  The attention that was showered upon our Veterans as we visited the WWII Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, the Vietnam War Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial and Arlington Cemetery was heartwarming. They were thanked throughout our travels; by Girl Scouts, students, military personnel and civilians who read their shirts and realized that they were among heroes.  I felt pride and admiration in these men who, in WWII, fought for our freedom.  I will never forget the feeling and the emotions in my role as guardian of a member of the “Greatest Generation.”

Our group of Veterans included 8 Navy Veterans, 4 Army Air Force Veterans, 11 Army Veterans and 3 Marine Corps Veterans.  “My” Veteran, Don Beebe, served in the Marine Corps.  I learned that he enlisted before he graduated from high school but he was too young but after he graduated, he didn’t want to wait any longer.  He said all of his friends were going and he, too, was motivated to go.  He was still only 17 years old and his parents had to sign for him to be able to enter the service.  It’s difficult to imagine being that age and putting your life on the  line, which they all did for us!!  Don was wounded in battle and received the Purple Heart.

I have to say that I was in my glory walking among the honorable group of veterans.  It was definitely an experience of a lifetime.  They all paid a price for our freedom and this opportunity for me was priceless.


Don Beebe, Center of photo


Korean War Monument

Guardian Candy Brown with WWII Marine Corps Veteran Don Beebe

Vietnam War Memorial

Arlington Cemetery
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier














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  1. Lisa A. Wylie says:

    Candy: Thank you so very much for sharing your book with Honor Flight Buffalo. A wonderful tribute to your Dad and all our World War II Veterans.

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