Christmas Letter-1944

(Posted: December 22, 2011)

Please read this gripping letter made available on the National World War II Museum website.  I am sure that you will find it as touching as I have during this Christmas season.  It more than ever inspires appreciation of the sacrifices that have been made and are still being made today for our freedom.

 This letter was written by Marine 1st Lt.  Leornard Isaacks, Jr., in December, 1944, to his two sons.  He could not be home for Christmas and you will see how he explains the reason to his boys. 

1st Lt. Isaack is one of more than 16 million Americans who fought for our freedom.  He was killed on Iwo Jima two months after he wrote this wonderful touching letter.

The mission of the National WWII Museum, as you will see when you visit the website,  is to tell the story of WWII from the perspective of men like 1st Lt. Isaacks, an ordinary citizen-soldier who left his young family to defend America.  We must never forget the price of freedom.

God bless our protectors then and now!

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