Eldred WWII Museum – March 12, 2011

It was a privilege to present my book at the Eldred WWII Museum in Eldred, Pennsylvania, on March 12, 2011, at 2 PM. I can not think of a more appropriate or wonderful place to tell my Father’s story. I have visited the Museum on several occasions impressed always with the many informational displays. I can remember when I first began this heartfelt commitment that I traveled to the Museum and it was the perfect place for me to talk about my Father. I made copies of his notebooks and other relevant information to leave there. I was always excited to tell about the progress in my research and in my efforts to retrace Dad’s journey. I will never forget the year that I went to an Open House at the Museum and it was not long after I had located my Father’s Pilot, Lawrence Cook. He lives in California and I was encouraged by a gentleman who was present to visit him while there was still time. It was shortly after that Museum visit that my sister, Mother and I traveled to California to meet Dad’s pilot. It was another incredible experience and I feel that the encouragement of that kind gentleman made it possible.

I enjoyed talking about my father and elaborating on my experience in retracing his steps through the areas he traveled during the war.   It was a pleasure to donate the finished product, my book, to the Museum after having reported my progress in my mission periodically during the years of my research.  I was grateful for the interest that was shown by those in attendance.