John R. Kyler’s Time Line

John R. Kyler’s Time line
January 27 Enlists, Niagara Falls, NY
February-March Basic Training, Miami FL
May 29 Completes Aircraft Armorer’s Course, Lowrey Field, Denver, CO
August 7 Receives wings, promotion to Sergeant, Laredo, TX
August-October Completes crew training and ball turret gunner training, Ephrata, WA and Redmond, OR
November 12-15 Departs Presque Isle, ME to Meek Field (Iceland) to Prestwick and arrives at Stone, England
November Assigned to Lawrence Cook Crew, 407th Squadron, 92nd Bomb Group, 8th Air Force, Podington, England (Station 109)
January 21 Mission: to Le Plouy Ferme/Bellevue (France)

[aborted: weather]

January 30 1st Mission: Waggum Airfield, Brunswick (Germany)
February 3 2nd Mission: Wilhelmshaven (Germany)
February 4 3rd Mission: Frankfurt (Germany)
February 4 Shot down over Belgium/John Kyler captured
February 7-14 Transferred and interrogated at Oberursal, Dulag Luft, near Frankfort (Germany)
February 14-21 Enroute to Stalag Luft VI, Hydekrug, E. Prussia (via railcar)
February 21-July 15 POW, Stalag Luft VI
July 15-18 Enroute to Stalag Luft IV, Kiefheide Railway Station, Gross Tychow, Poland (via railcar, boat, railcar, forced march)
July 18 – January 29, 1945 POW, Stalag Luft IV, Gross Tychow, Poland
January 29-February 8 Enroute to Stalag Luft I, Barth Germany (via forced march, railcar)
May 1 Stalag Luft I prisoners liberated by Red Army
May 13 Enroute to Lyons, France via B-17 airlift from Stalag Luft I
May 14 Enroute to Camp Lucky Strike, Le Havre, France (via truck)