The Shoe Leather Express – Stalag Luft IV: Day 35 – A Reflection

(Posted: January 7, 2012)

The following, to me, is one of the most powerful of Joe’s writings.  His detailed description is impressive.  It is as if I can relate to what he is saying; as if I know exactly what he is talking about but in different times, of course, and extremely different situations.  I recognize it in my life when I meet someone I’ve never met before and in our meeting they mention their age and I realize they are younger than me.  But I think to myself that they surely look so much older (I mean-don’t they?) until I look in the mirror!  And then it hits me just as the realization hit Joe when he wrote that he had 2000 mirrors; 2000 reflections.  Yes, I know what he’s saying  in recognition of myself in a similar, but  glaringly diverse, circumstance . . . .sle-12 

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