The Shoe Leather Express – Stalag Luft IV

(Posted: January 10, 2012)

 The following  articles “Remove Your Shoes” and ” “The Not So Great Escape,” from Joe O’Donnell’s first “The Shoe Leather Express” book, explain some examples of what these guys had to deal with and how they dealt.  They thought of ways during this time of misery to actually  create, if they dug really deep, a comfortable existence at times.  As a prisoner of war, a “comfortable existence” took on a whole new meaning.  A small, dry space in a barn was a luxury.  A clean area to relieve yourself was a mere dream.   How in the world were these men able to find humor at any time in their untenable conditions?  One wonders how they maintained their sanity or how they could dig deep enough to find positives.  Somehow, together they did it. 







The “luxurious” slit trench where the POWs waited their turn to take a seat to relieve themselves hoping they’d get the spot that best suited their height.


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