Veteran’s Day 2013

(Posted: November 8, 2012)

I hope that our Veterans realize just how much we appreciate their sacrifices for our freedom.  My sincere and heartfelt sentiments are sent to those who have served in WWII; to those who’ve served since then; to those who are serving today and to those who will serve to preserve the freedom that our Fathers fought for in WWII and won.  My wish is that we never forget the price of freedom and November 11 is a day that is set aside to exhibit our appreciation of our worthy heroes.  Keep in mind that every day is a perfect day to thank our Veterans!

In honor and memory of our heroes I’d like to add this poem that was taken from my Father’s radio operator, Jay Joyce’s,  notebook which he wrote in as a Prisoner of War.  He was held in the same camps as my Father – Stalag Luft VI, Stalag Luft IV and Stalag Luft I.   It is notated that it is written by “Stebbins.” . . . . . .


When I depart these thinning ranks to follow

The tracks of better men “gone west” before

The pointing feathers fallen from the swallow,

The shells that litter that last lonely shore.

When I have tipped the canteen of my measure,

and, parched, must turn to life and say adieu–

Remember, I shall pack along the treasure

of marching these few windswept leagues with you. 

Underneath this poem there was a jagged line drawn and these words were written: “The War news makes you feel pretty good – if you don’t stop to think how many Americans are dying to make it good.”

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