(Posted: March 16, 2011)

Every day I add a bit from the notes that I kept throughout the process of retracing my father’s journey. Right now I’m still in 2005, which was the tour that I participated in returning to Barth, Germany, for the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Stalag Luft I. That was the first big step in my mission to write my father’s story. In the journal I have already posted the time that we spent at Barth that year and I’m into the other areas that were included in the tour. They were just an extra bonus to me. I had never traveled by myself so it was a big deal. Some of those on the tour left after the Barth visit but I stayed with the group and I’m glad that I did because I saw other areas that I would never have seen. Of course the most important stops to me were the stops at the railway station in Frankfurt, Dulag Luft in Oberursel and the time spent in Barth, Stalag Luft I!! It was the beginning of so many important and special relationships.

I just wrote about the passing of Paul Schultz, the historian that I met who became a good friend and was always willing to help me in my research. He is one of the many people who I will eventually talk about, particularly the veterans. Any stories that I have collected will be added. They are all relevant in one way or another. I had realized when I would talk to the men who lived the story that my father did, that they all had their own different experiences but I learned that there were so many similarities in those experiences. So it was apparent to me that their stories were all relevant to my father’s. I learned so much from so many and I would like to thank them by doing my best to keep them remembered and what better way than to add their stories to this web site. Some people I know just a little about and others, I know much more; so a little or a lot will be added. It may take a while but it has become another part of my goal of keeping the memory alive!

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