Honor Flight Buffalo

(Posted: May 2, 2012)

Ever since I listened to a WWII Veteran tell about an “Honor Flight” that he had been taken on in his State, I wanted to volunteer as a “Guardian.”  That was well over a year ago. Honestly, to listen to him proudly and excitedly explain about how he was “treated like a king” made me want to share in what would have to be a rewarding experience as well as a way to show my appreciation for these heroes.  I’m pleased to say that I’ve received the call and can fill a “guardian” position on June 9th.  This means that I will be guardian for my own veteran!  It is a chance of a lifetime for me and what an honor to spend the day with these men who have given so much for me; for all of us.  You can bet that I’ll write a report of this experience.  I hope to learn about “my Veteran.”  I have been so focused on the “Army Air Corps” because that is my Father’s branch of service.  I’ve learned that “my Veteran” served in the Marine Corps and I look forward to broadening my horizons during the time that I am so fortunate to spend with him.  These Veterans risked their lives for us and they are so humble.  I think it’s important to show them that we are worthy of their sacrifice.  Certainly, if we lived our lives trying to prove it what a perfect world it would be!

Please check out this link: http://honorflightbuffalo.org/ and learn the origin of the implementation of this worthy cause in Buffalo, New York.

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