2005 – May 5

(Posted: March 24, 2011)

I’ve just added our visit to Dachau to “my journal”. It may seem that I am straying from what this is all about. I have branched from the main focus of this web site but the fact is that even though it may equate to twigs off of the tree, I still equate any area that we traveled (that was not central to my mission) to my father’s experience in one way or another, however small that may have been. After all, he is the reason that I was there. He was always on my mind even though we were venturing through areas that he hadn’t physically been. Although they were places that he hadn’t been, he certainly knew of them. He never forgot the horror of the Concentration Camps. I can remember, when I was young, the programs that he would watch about the Holocaust. Our stop at Dachau would have brought painful memories back to my father: his being well aware of the atrocities that occurred and the fact that he was in Germany at the time that these horrific events were taking place.

I am not sorry that we visited other historic areas during our tour. For me, it broadened my knowledge of that era, an era that my father knew well. So I will chance it that it’s not too boring and continue to add the journals that may only be of interest to a few readers. Some may find it to be of value so it will be worth my time. At a later time, it may be removed if I feel that it’s not necessary. I view it as background information to the writing of the story. Once all of my diaries are added maybe I’ll scale them down to leave only the areas that are the focus of my dad’s journey. I guess I’ll wait to see if I get any kind of feedback from any visitors once, hopefully, people learn of ‘Remember-History’.

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