Stalag Luft VI and IV Notebook – “T.S.”

(Posted: July 14, 2011)

I know that my father was the author of this poem.  It was also in Jay Joyce’s (his radio operator) notebook with my father’s name written as the author.

It seems that my father enjoyed the training and the “phases” that he had to go through to become a ball turret gunner.  It also appears that there were those who tried to discourage him from flying.  He states that he was flying high and mighty until the FW 190’s ended his mightiness and he discovered that “flying is for birds”.  He now is appealing to those who say they want to be a gunner advising they “will regret these words”. 

Dad didn’t enjoy the combat and who would but it sounds like the training and flying was great fun while it lasted and besides there was no sense complaining as it was “over and done” with.  

It sounds to me like my father credits the FW 190’s for shooting down his plane but in the Missing Air Crew Report it was recorded that their aircraft was hit by flak causing the loss of their plane.  Dad saw the fighter planes but as he told in later years they could have finished him off but didn’t for some reason.  

I am assuming the meaning of “T.S.” which is a common expression still today.

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