Joe O’Donnell POW 1414

(Posted: January 5, 2012)

If you haven’t noticed I am in the process of adding articles and pages from former POW Joe O’Donnell’s “The Shoe Leather Express” books.  I feel that there is so much important history that I am going to try to add as many of the riveting stories and as much information as I can.  It should be of interest to all.  Joe has graciously given me his permission to do this.  I will have all of the posts pertaining to his books under the category of “The Shoe Leather Express – Joseph P. O’Donnell POW 1414” with, of course, the most recent post on top.  There’s a series of books and I will do my best to select the information to capture and present it in the order and manner which will attract the interest, the attention and appreciation that these worthy heroes deserve.

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  1. Wonderful site. Glad that Joseph wrote the books, especially plight of POW’s as there is lack of history on this regard.

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