D-Day as a POW in Stalag Luft VI

(Posted: June 6, 2013)
Today marks the 69th Anniversary of the Normandy Invasion! This is a page from my Father’s POW notebook.  Notice how he has notated June 6, 1944, differently than other days.  Even though he was behind barbed wire with German propaganda echoing in the air, he knew of the D-Day Invasion!!!  It was because of the POW ingenuity in the building of the crystal radios.  They smuggled parts into the camp to build the secret radios that they would keep hidden from the German guards.  It would drive the guards nuts trying to find out where they obtained their information!  This is proof that as isolated as the POWs were, through their perseverance, determination and innovation, they did everything they could to keep faith that they would some day have their freedom!

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