C-17 At Joint Base Lewis McChord

(Posted: September 5, 2011)

It may be gradual but I want to continue to add the details of the Seminar on August 8th and 9th at McChord Base.  As these memorable days came to an end, it was a bonus for us to be asked by Sgt. Swan if we would like a tour of the C-17 before we left the base. What a welcome opportunity it was and totally unexpected!  It was an exciting offer that the three of us were thrilled to take advantage of!

This “Globemaster”  is absolutely HUGE!  It was interesting to be given the tour by the young sergeant,  who is also the mother of a two-year old, whose role is as needed in both the mechanical and medical field.   Sgt. Swan is one of an impressive group that I can’t say enough about.  They are dedicated and selfless individuals; dedicated to us and our Country.

“Operation Deep Freeze”

(Posted: September 3, 2011)

In commenting on the Seminar that was held August 8th and 9th at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, home of the 446th Airlift Wing, I am beginning at the end because I’m anxious to tell about the gifts that many of the presenters were given. I never expected to receive a gift. It was a gift for me to be there! It was the greatest honor for me to receive a flag that was flown to Antarctica in “Operation Deep Freeze.”  Read more about the kick off for the 2011-12 Season…

Breakfast with the “Fireside Pumpers”

(Posted: May 13, 2011)

Wednesday morning, May 11, was my breakfast with the “Fireside Pumpers.”  What a wonderful group for me to present my book to.  Their attentiveness and kindness shown to me throughout my presentation will not be forgotten.   It was obvious that the interest was there and I felt that everyone in that room shared my sentiments about keeping the memory alive.  It was a very special group in that there were several WWII Veterans in attendance.  What an honor for me to be talking about what I feel is indirectly their story as well as my Father’s!  I’m sure there is at least one small area in the book that applies to all of them at one time or another.  I hope very much that they do sense the sincerity of my mission to keep the memory alive of the sacrifices made to secure our freedom. I mentioned that I’m proud of my Father and of all of those heroes he symbolizes to me; and my wish is that everyone feels the same pride and that we always value our freedom and never forget the price that is paid for it.

I guess I always wish that I had thought of this or that after a presentation and with so many WWII veterans in this group I wished that I would have had them tell about themselves. They are who its all about and there is nothing like hearing the stories from the men who lived them. That is my only regret about the most rewarding morning that I enjoyed with this thoughtful group. I hope in the future that I can meet these WWII Veterans again and learn about them. I may have heard names but if I did I didn’t retain them. I guess things just went too quickly and I didn’t think until afterwards. Perhaps if I am lucky enough to meet and talk to them again, I can learn enough to add their story to “My Heroes.”

I’m grateful to Tom Miller for inviting me. His Father was also a ball turret gunner having flown 35 missions!!! He is amazing being there having just been discharged from the hospital the previous day after knee surgery. I talked to him briefly and it reminded me that I wished that I would have included the gloomy statistics for an air crewman in my talk. The bravery of all these men, who were just young boys when they risked their lives for us is incredible!

The Librarians

(Posted: March 3, 2011)

I made it to Utica for a book presentation at the meeting of the Oneida/Herkimer School Library System Librarians without getting too lost. And I owe a huge thank you to everyone who was there. What a great group! See “Events”

Oneida/Herkimer School Library System

(Posted: February 26, 2011)

I’m looking forward to addressing the group that will be in attendance on March 2, 2011, at the meeting of the BOCES Instructional Support Services Communication Coordinators Committee in Utica, NY.  I am hoping for good weather for the drive and that I don’t get lost.  (I have on occasion been known to get lost so I will allow extra time.) And I understand that I will have the “human GPS” as a backup. I appreciate knowing that. I am grateful for the invite and will give a report under “Events” when I return.

Main Street Mercantile – Book Signing

(Posted: February 12, 2011)

What an enjoyable day that I spent at the Main Street Mercantile in Bradford! Selene, the Manager, graciously provided hot cider and donuts for the customers and an area for me to display my books in a comfortable atmosphere. It’s a lovely shop with so many different gift items available. Despite the blustery weather, I was pleased with the turnout and met many people who it was a pleasure to talk with about their own war experience or those experiences of their father, father-in-law, neighbor or friend. I couldn’t believe how fast that the day went for me. I am grateful to everyone who weathered the storm to be there and to Selene for the book signing idea.

Ladies Night Out at the Bradford Club

(Posted: )

I was recently invited to Ladies Night Out at the Bradford Club to give a book presentation and I have to say what an enjoyable evening that it was! Everyone was hospitable and I enjoyed conversing with those that I had a chance to speak with. It was an impressive group of ladies who meet once a month for socializing and sampling delicious food. I greatly appreciated the opportunity to tell them about my book. Francie Long took photos during the evening and they can be viewed at Long Art Photography web site.